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Should Chancellor Angela Merkel be considered global public enemy number one?

The lack of flexibility of the German Prime Minister in dealing with the European Debt crisis is leading to a deep recession in Europe that is starting to spread globally and is also undermining US recovery.

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    Jul 5 2012: Hilton, Don't believe all you read / hear from the press. Much of it is political spin doctors for other leaders. Ceasar Chavez of Venuezuela, Obama, USA, George Serios, most of Africa, Iran, are to name a few who qualify and could be selected before Ms Merkel. A prime example of shift the blame: The current administration in the US spent more money in the first two years that the previous eight administration did totally in their full terms. However if the administration can make you focus on the European Debt Crisis you will not see the verge of bankrupcy occuring in the USA.

    The Euro community must, in my opinion, depart from the socilistic ideals that put them where they are. Big government and massive social programs drain the coffers. The super rich are looking for new homes that are more tax friendly. Currently Hong Kong is the move of choice. The Euro countries want Germany to give them money but refuse to make ammends to the government structure. Merkel is doing the right thing. The very thing that the US must do. Take the check book away from the leaders, reduce the size of government, and stop the massive social programs and instill the work ethic and pride that made us the world leader.

    All the best. Bob.
  • Jul 4 2012: No, Hilton. Too many of us have depended on overspending in government and personal finances. It's nice, is it to live off someone else's money? Control personal debt, live on one's means and not unrealistic dreams or lifestyle. Let a nation live within its means. Is it not true that Chancellor Merkel is only asking responsible personal and government management?

    What is the risk to a nation if 51% of its peoples are able to vote themselves benefits from government?

    What do others say?
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    Jul 9 2012: Interesting... I just realized Frau Merkel is also a great sales woman!!! She is in fact defending her county's best interests (which is HER job, anyway)... But she makes it in a way that makes believe she's defending noble objectives like fiscal responsability, etc... Congratulations Angela Merkel!!!
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    Jul 9 2012: She is pro-America; pro-Israel; pro-Islam; pro-progressive/liberal agenda; pro-democracy; etc. She does not even make the top ten candidates for your recognition as gobal public enemy number one. Look outside Germany for those candidates.
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    Jul 9 2012: No , Angela Merkel is one of the best leaders the world has right now , you don't know what you're talking about .
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    Jul 5 2012: Not at all. She should stick to her guns. Politicians have been buying votes with public money for too long. We need to balance the books; as does the US.

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    Jul 4 2012: maybe it is time to deploy the uss ronald reagan to the arctic ocean?
  • Jul 4 2012: No.
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    Jul 4 2012: No