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Lets contribute to create an error-free model of school.

90% of the people i meet blame their failure to education system. While other 10% thank teachers, peer who played an important role in success. This means education system and learning environment really plays a crucial part in determining success and failure. Now clearly above 10% were lucky as they found good source of inspiration. But everybody aint so lucky.

Tedster are most intelligent people on the planet earth with a motto "Making world a better place to live". Lets model a system of education which is reachable, affordable and effective. A system that helps foster creativity. Such a far reaching system is simply not possible if we dont have a common medium through which the best academic provide teach billions of people across the globe. Let not the good education to be limited to posh high school or universities like MIT, Harvard, IIT......Education is a basic right that should be available to everybody.

Just think about it a place on internet where you could login just like Facebook, not to play fish games but educate ourself. Learn what we love. Learn from best people on the subject. Talk and collaborate with people who are genuinely interested on topic they are learning. Build interesting projects using internet tools like Google Sketch up! Clear our doubts, One on one with local faculty member.

Discuss the possibility of this idea, contribute your valuable advice and above all fill this questionnaire


which will help me make my dream of education utopia a reality.

Contribute to this conversation and make world a better place to live

I will start working on this project from 17 April. I request interested people who are willing to work with me for a better tomorrow to email me. Lets join hands to revolutionize education.


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    Mar 16 2011: These are the areas i have to work,
    A) Figuring out the best possible model.
    B) Digitilizing this model into computer language
    C) Create a virtual envirnoment using google sketch up!
    D) Requesting university's for their valuable contribution
    E) Winning the confidence of people
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      Mar 16 2011: Hi, Tanay.

      Check the link from my profile for an A), if it fits you we can work on it.
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        Mar 17 2011: Sure we can work on it! You have knowledge about human conscience, which would be of great help in modeling. I will contact you.

        Thanks a lot.

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