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Which form of government (if any) do you consider the most beneficial to humanity?

The exercise is to figure out where we should work to be in order to provide the best quality of life for every human alive, today and in the future. Please be sure to expand on *why* you consider it the best idea. The more specific the better.

It need not currently exist today. If you have an idea for a new form, or no form, please share it.


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  • Jul 20 2012: This question assumes there is a political solution to your question. With ever form of government there appears to be a solution that works. Yet over the past 200 years, we have seen many forms of government fall to a greater need of the planet. Yes our democracy has been beneficial to great number of people. In fact, is has been beneficial to many countries,but so has England, France and Germany. All different. If u r able to exercise strength over many years, and people in the greater number r furthered in their life styles and comforts, again our government seems to be best for man kind. But we are so new to the game. Monarchies have existed for 1000s of years and helped millions of people over centuries. Is that the stand u pursue. The answer is not as easy as the question. Call back in 5000 Ad and I know more...

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