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If objects like an electron move at the speed of light, then would space contract to 0 and time would be no more? Is this nonlocal?

Does an electron have mass or is it a wave length of light that defines its energy?
If it has mass can it reach the speed of light?

  • Jul 5 2012: Thanks!
  • Jul 4 2012: Nothing is only change is real. The universe concists of process not things

    Statements made 2000 years ago and reciently respectively
    What happened to the trind toward increasing complexity.
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      Jul 4 2012: i couldn't really understand the first part
      but an increase in complexity or entropy is consistent when you have energy and particles. But when all the particles lose all their energy eventually all the fundamental forces should cease to exist along with energy and hence the universe's energy will be 0 once again. Now at this moment the universe's total energy is already 0 but that's because if you use gravity as a negative energy it cancels all the energy in the universe. So to get from 0 energy to absolutely 0 energy is like the fact that there's different ways of getting to 0
      So 5-5=0 would be like now
      Whilst 1-1=0 would be like near heat death when both energy and gravity are starting to fade
      and eventually 0-0=0 when nothing exists once again
      That's the theory
  • Jul 4 2012: Are you saying that matter has made the complete cycle and from nothing it has returned to nothing?
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      Jul 4 2012: I think this was directed towards me, yes eventually during heat death all matter will cease to exist and eventalyl there will be no energy in the universe.
  • Jul 4 2012: If s1 and s2 electrons are intangeled then seperated to any large distance and the spin of one is changed, the other instantly changes correspondingly. no time is involve, information cannot travel faster than light. This phenomina is called Bells Therom. The electrons are said to be non local. What does this mean?
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    Jul 4 2012: Space won't contract, dark energy prevents it, the universe will expand and accelerate indefinitely until heat death.
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    Jul 4 2012: No as per by Einstein no particle can attain the speed of light or more than that. I too want to know the same thing. But I'm quite sure that electron can't get to the speed of light.