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It is better to coin human being as Political Animal instead of Social Animal

Since when human being is labeled as to be Social Animal don't know, but is it not giving an wrong impression that human being is the only social animal in animal kingdom? Which is not the reality. Forget about the mammals or primates who are much advanced in the hierarchy of animal kingdom, even insects like ants, termites, bees etc display social behavior and live a social life including distribution of work.
What I think is differentiating human being from other social animal is politics. Human being involves into politics to shape up their society what other animal doesn't. Yes in animal there is fight or battle for leadership which also human being have but human being also become political avoiding fight to establish supermacy. Due to the use of politics human being some places still have kingdom, some places individual autocracy , some other party autocracy , democracy, socialism and so on .... and everywhere they are in continuous use of politics to keep status quo though they know change is the most if not only absolute thing in the world. Due to politics human being created countries, nations, ethnicity , religion, regions, sub-regions and what not.
We can also say human being to be the only Economically Active animal , but the economics is highly influenced by the politics, similarly inventions and discoveries , so can't also call them Animal of Science or Discovery. So
it is better to call Human Being to be Political Animal.


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    Mar 26 2011: Not necessarily: you could think of politics as a formalization and practical application of socializing. In that case, we're still social animals, only now we're harnessing those capacities in more sophisticated (although not necessarily always beneficial) ways.
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      Mar 27 2011: Good point Daniel, but again that's the point of differentaition for human being from other social animals. Is it not so?

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