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Is there such a thing as a bad person?

Few years ago I arose this question in front of my family, and "caused" a huge quarrel. I claimed (and still do) that I don't believe that bad people exist. Deep inside we all are good but sometimes we let life circumstances control us, thus, choosing to DO bad things. My brother heard me and said: "Oh really, so Hitler was a good guy, right??"

And yes! That's a question that I thought of even months thereafter. Hitler was a person who had chosen killing millions of people, but that precisely why I wouldn't describe him as a bad person, rather as a very SICK one. For a person who chooses to fulfill himself in this life by killing others, is undoubtedly extremely sick, mentally sick!!

It doesn't mean that we should let people who hurt others acting freely, but perhaps to look a little deeper, understand them better, and perhaps even understand OURSELVES better.

Would love to hear your thoughts,


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    • Jul 11 2012: Are you implying that I'm not open enough to others' opinions? I'm sorry if that's the impression that you got. :)
      Open-mind is necessary in such conversations, I agree.

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        • Jul 11 2012: Thanks for your comment, Mark, makes much more sense now.

          You are right, many people cannot distinguish opinions from emotions. I do not blame them, this is an attribute which one has to practice on.

          The way I know myself, I wonder too much (my therapist would attest:)). Anyway, as much as others' opinions might seem outdated and illogical to us, I believe that it is always important to question our opinions as well.

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        • Jul 12 2012: My therapist does not have the option to dissuade me from discussing about different topics, after all, that's what she is getting paid for:)

          You keep raising profound points (I liked your point about Wonder versus Worry) which I found exceedingly interesting.

          All the best to you too.

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