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Clearing corruption from the world.

In India there is a lot of corruption and I want some ideas to clean my surrounding world.

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    Jul 4 2012: work on reducing the power of the state and its institutions. if they don't have power, they won't be bribed. corruption works only when someone makes decisions about other people's money. nobody can be bribed it their own property is at stake.
    • Jul 4 2012: Good point, Krisztian. Power to the positive. Power to the honest people. Let's accomplish this goal during our generation. Let's stop being so patient about human progress. Our generation can succeed in accomplishing all of our positive goals. We may as well do it now, so humanity can live happily ever after.....for real.
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    Jul 20 2012: One of the most corrupting influences in most government is money. Money gives those with more of it disproportionate power to make and enforce the rules they want. Tribunocracy would greatly reduce the role of money in modern democratic government. See www.tribunocracy.org
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      Aug 3 2012: Dale, I've checked out tribunocracy and I think it is a promising idea. I wish the inertia of our current system wasn't so overwhelming.
  • Jul 11 2012: Frans Kellner's point about salary is very good.

    Suppose you took this approach to the extreme. Suppose government officials with lots of power were given the good life, for life. As long as they performed their duties in accordance with the law and put the interests of the people first, they would be guaranteed a great life, even after leaving office. One conviction of malfeasance or corruption would put them in jail for life. Make the risk of accepting a bribe unacceptable. This would certainly cost millions, but these people can cost the government billions on a single contract. It might be well worth it.
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    Jul 4 2012: Pretty much what Kris said; try to prevent lobbying between corporations that are not India born and the political parties/government.

    I would argue, that in order for India to strive into first world country status, they are going to need to become a money market economy which means they are going to need to start borrowing money from certain banks that require interest.. I would love to say "do not strive to become first world.." But, that in the long run would be bad since capitalism is the dominant form of trading resources in this world... Learn what entails the dimensions of worldly status.

    Corruption can only happen when the people stop caring about the policies and laws being passed. Create websites like demandprogress.org that sends out mass e-mails to people to sign electronic petitions to stop bills and policies being passed that are unfavorable. The internet black list is an example. SOPA.

    I feel America is corrupt because our sense of politics went down the drain and into popculture nonsense. "Obama got a fat lip playing basketball" (and other nonpolitical concerns) are on our news outlets more than his opinion on the health care bill and other important concerns. Why? Our corporations who lobby into the politics do not want the public to be aware of the laws they get passed that benefit them and probably damage us in the long run...

    Learn from our Occupy Movement, a lot of them are crazy hipsters, but some are really intelligible people with the right ideas on to fix our mess of a country!
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      Jul 4 2012: Can we all start a Movement? E-Movement :D
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        Jul 4 2012: Plenty of E-Movements exist, Occupy utilizes/abuses the internet constantly.
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      Jul 4 2012: Do you not think that individuals in government act in their own interest?

      At the very least do you not think that politicians focus on reelection more than anything else?
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        Jul 5 2012: Yes I believe individuals in government work for their personal interest, but who supplies the ability to satisfy those interest are the political groups/parties they network and align themselves with.

        Depends on who the politician is... Cannot generalize all of them, but it seems in the majority, politicians only care about their image and the image of the people who represent them.
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    Jul 4 2012: In India there is a Community named IAC (India Against Corruption). It's led by the principles of Lt. Mahatma Gandhi and the main executor of this community is grandfather of India Anna Hazzare. He sit for 13-14 days on hunger strike for bills against corruption. I feel bad about our grandfather he sits on fast for several day but the corrupted government doesn't pass the bill. Once he was promised that government will pass a strong Lokpal Bill (bill against corruption). But he was cheated by the government they passed a very weak bill. Every Indian supports him and there are millions of people with him I'm with him too. We all youngsters get together in strikes. And if that old person can thik of changing the world why can't we?
  • Jul 4 2012: Rhtik, Glad you raised this important issue that is holding back the health, wealth and happiness of humanity. I think part of the problem is that children, who tend to be more honest than adults, are not given sufficient respect. Adults think they are supposed to brainwash children as they were brainwashed, e.g. religion, and this undermines the confidence and integrity of children, since they are forced to start lying early to please their incorrectly brainwashed elders. Let's listen to children, rather than forcing them to listen to adults who are screwed up by their generations of brainwashed ancestors.
    Only truth will cause a healthy, just, prosperous, happy society. You know that. I know that. Just keep speaking up, writing, expressing your true thoughts and feelings as much as you possibly can. We will succeed. Thanks for starting this thread on ted. HAPPY TODAY.
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    Jul 4 2012: I'm not sure about the situation you live in but it would help if people in office of any kind earned enough to live by.
    On many places officers take the job for the authority to take people's money while the salary is much too low to live from.
    Another factor is cultural. Within a lot of countries people are valued for their fortune no matter where it came from. They attract people that gather around them like bees to the honey and become influential because of this. With that influence they prosper in business and politics because the poor ignorant people vote for them and put a monster on the throne. So the higher corrupt people rise in the pyramid the more you will find it in the lower regions also.
    The best remedy to turn this situation is to replace high functioning officers with honest people and that's a hard thing to do.
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    Aug 3 2012: Hello Eric Grovum. Thank you for posting on this forum. I have replied to the man pictured on the top row Feyisayo Anjorin today on another thread. I love your avatar too. Please click on Feyisayo Anjorin's thread to get the message I sent him. I used a metaphor for him of little hills and I will use the same metaphor for you. An organisation that takes a big resource from a community, usually in the form of people's labour will create a big mountain of profit for itself and a big chasm in the community. Paying the individual a wage does not necessary fill the chasm and the chasm is also filled with toxic waste. I think that is the problem with the capitalist economic model but the socialist model did not work either. We need to find a balance in a model that embraces progress but not at such a rapid pace as to poison it's environment. To use another metaphor we need to start at home with the young people. If natures filters the parents are not available because they need to be out getting the physical resources then the grandparents need to step in. Not to lecture but to support. One way of doing this might be to support the local school with the more needy children. Getting them appropriately fed might be a start, playing with them in the playground during class room breaks, supporting them in the library how to work the Dewey decimal system of classification, helping those struggling with reading and maths. You have so much to offer as an individual and as the Chief Officer of an organisation. It is about social justice.
  • Jul 21 2012: In my opinion, it's time to measure the performance of politics in an objective way as happens on the private sector. Any aspirant to a postition has to demonstrate a level of skills and performance to be candidate.
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      Jul 24 2012: I loved Peter Eigen's TED talk on this subject. He was clear and practical/