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Clearing corruption from the world.

In India there is a lot of corruption and I want some ideas to clean my surrounding world.


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    Jul 4 2012: Pretty much what Kris said; try to prevent lobbying between corporations that are not India born and the political parties/government.

    I would argue, that in order for India to strive into first world country status, they are going to need to become a money market economy which means they are going to need to start borrowing money from certain banks that require interest.. I would love to say "do not strive to become first world.." But, that in the long run would be bad since capitalism is the dominant form of trading resources in this world... Learn what entails the dimensions of worldly status.

    Corruption can only happen when the people stop caring about the policies and laws being passed. Create websites like demandprogress.org that sends out mass e-mails to people to sign electronic petitions to stop bills and policies being passed that are unfavorable. The internet black list is an example. SOPA.

    I feel America is corrupt because our sense of politics went down the drain and into popculture nonsense. "Obama got a fat lip playing basketball" (and other nonpolitical concerns) are on our news outlets more than his opinion on the health care bill and other important concerns. Why? Our corporations who lobby into the politics do not want the public to be aware of the laws they get passed that benefit them and probably damage us in the long run...

    Learn from our Occupy Movement, a lot of them are crazy hipsters, but some are really intelligible people with the right ideas on to fix our mess of a country!
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      Jul 4 2012: Can we all start a Movement? E-Movement :D
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        Jul 4 2012: Plenty of E-Movements exist, Occupy utilizes/abuses the internet constantly.
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      Jul 4 2012: Do you not think that individuals in government act in their own interest?

      At the very least do you not think that politicians focus on reelection more than anything else?
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        Jul 5 2012: Yes I believe individuals in government work for their personal interest, but who supplies the ability to satisfy those interest are the political groups/parties they network and align themselves with.

        Depends on who the politician is... Cannot generalize all of them, but it seems in the majority, politicians only care about their image and the image of the people who represent them.

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