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Clearing corruption from the world.

In India there is a lot of corruption and I want some ideas to clean my surrounding world.


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    Jul 4 2012: In India there is a Community named IAC (India Against Corruption). It's led by the principles of Lt. Mahatma Gandhi and the main executor of this community is grandfather of India Anna Hazzare. He sit for 13-14 days on hunger strike for bills against corruption. I feel bad about our grandfather he sits on fast for several day but the corrupted government doesn't pass the bill. Once he was promised that government will pass a strong Lokpal Bill (bill against corruption). But he was cheated by the government they passed a very weak bill. Every Indian supports him and there are millions of people with him I'm with him too. We all youngsters get together in strikes. And if that old person can thik of changing the world why can't we?

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