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What are the opportunities in field of physics or mathematics?

I want to become a scientist in field of maths or physics so what are the degrees that i should have to become a scientist. Please comment.

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    Jul 4 2012: To help give you a better answer, maybe you could explain a little bit about WHY you want to go into math or physics. That will help to establish some beginning conditions for narrowing the very wide decision tree of live options.
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      Jul 4 2012: My main objective is to discover something is new in field of Math but I'm scared because I think that there is not well scope for mathematicians.
      We got to hear about Tesla, Albert Enstien, Newton all were associated with physics I don't want to become famous but I want to develop or create something new in the field. I chose Physics because it have a good scope in research. And it include Math too.
      I don't know what to particularly say about it I'm not at all experienced I'm only 15 just want to know so that I can concentrate on my goal. Just confused so suggest me.

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