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Military or collage?

I am 33 and when I was younger I chose to go into the Army rather then going to collage. (I wanted to be a part of something bigger)

I am proud of what I did and glad I did it but I feel i have been paying the price.
I got out of the military in 2003 and still find it hard to get a job due to the recession. In the US there is a law that says veterans get priority for a job but all companies basically ignore that law.

In cases like this, why would a person choose to go to the military in the future over going right to collage and a civ field?


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    Jul 4 2012: You can still go to a community college or even get a 2-year degree online if you want to. Joining the military makes sense for some people. They may not be ready to go to college yet. Or they may have a sense of patriotism or duty. I'd say start with the kind of job you want, check out the requirements for it on job boards, and then look for a college that can give you the education you need. Odds are you'll probably also need to go through an internship or two, or volunteer at a nonprofit.

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