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Military or collage?

I am 33 and when I was younger I chose to go into the Army rather then going to collage. (I wanted to be a part of something bigger)

I am proud of what I did and glad I did it but I feel i have been paying the price.
I got out of the military in 2003 and still find it hard to get a job due to the recession. In the US there is a law that says veterans get priority for a job but all companies basically ignore that law.

In cases like this, why would a person choose to go to the military in the future over going right to collage and a civ field?

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    Jul 11 2012: You have every right to be proud of your service. I am a mother, however and mine is the advice of the kind of mother I am - please! go to college - (I thought the USA provided funding for that after service?) College will not kill you!
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    Jul 6 2012: Bill, Many people chose the military as a means of going to college. Since your a vet did you take advantage of the Montegomery Act that will provide you with assistance.

    Yep vets do get special consideration. It usually is additional points in the process. However, the real benefit is that the company gets reimbursed from the government. They literally pay for your first three years of employment in the company. That is why the companies hire vets. They get you for three years for free.

    Suggestion. You need to go to the nearest veterans administration in you area. Take your DD214 and have them advise you of what there is available for you. Some of it may have already expired so go soon.

    Also go to the local jobs service and see if they have a training program for vets. Its free and could make a big difference as they also help with placement.

    From on vet to another,

    Good luck. Bob.
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    Jul 4 2012: You can still go to a community college or even get a 2-year degree online if you want to. Joining the military makes sense for some people. They may not be ready to go to college yet. Or they may have a sense of patriotism or duty. I'd say start with the kind of job you want, check out the requirements for it on job boards, and then look for a college that can give you the education you need. Odds are you'll probably also need to go through an internship or two, or volunteer at a nonprofit.
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    Jul 3 2012: Hello William,

    personally, without offence, I would advise anyone to choose college before military service.

    By the fact that, at that time, I had no choice but to attend military service in Germany (just recently we changed this towards a volunteer army), I have experienced both sides as I finished college as well. Whereas my time beeing a student became most precious to me, the military service became nothing but a waste of time. But again, this is up to personal preferences only, and no subject of beeing judged by anyone.

    But if it comes to recession, the problems in finding a job applies to anyone, as it is part of its very nature to lack openings and jobs in general. At those times the value of college degrees usually deflate as well, so that it becomes as difficult to find an adequate job.

    The difficulties I see with this veteran-law you described are related to the basic interest of any private run businesses.

    If you are about to hire a person for a job, you are usually looking for a person who has the best skills for it. So if it happens to be, that a military background does not proove this skills necessary for this job, it will be most likely that this law will be ignored. Unfortunately the decisions made to hire a person are mainly limited to a set of paper based certificates, which never reflect the true talents of a person. So by the given rules of todays economy, such laws will never reflect more than its original good intention.

    So if someone chooses to join the army, he should be made aware that it can become difficult to return, yet I doubt that this sort of information is in the interest to share by those who are out recruiting young people. What I have seen so far is, that they are focusing more on big action, adventures, honor, heroism, friendship and the 'big toys' one would be allowed to play with... well, that's usually what is appealing most if one is young of age. This is how asymmetry in information just works...
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    Jul 3 2012: College, we don't need to be part of something bigger, we're part of the human race, which is part of the universe and it's as big as you get.