Charles Motowski

Diesel Mechanic, United States Army

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A website where people can pinpoint at what time, on a certain date, specifically, they were at a location, and socialize from there.

By being able to enter in the exact time periods you were at a certain area or longitude/latitude, etc, you will be able to relatively compare your data with other people, so you can find that person that you just walked past in the park while you were going for an evening stroll the other day, or maybe you can retrace where you lost your dog, or maybe you are just curious as to who that sexy lady was across the street.

  • Mar 20 2011: I love this thought. Whether or not it seems practical - it is a magical way of thinking about the world, and a way to connect with the people that surround us. I recently had a similar experience, where I got to know someone, who had been around in my life before, but who I never took notice of. But found that she was working at the bar the night that I had my first date with my long-term boyfriend - years ago. And that she remembered us, as anonymous people sitting there, and I remembered her as the anonymous waitress who gave us a free drink. It was a tiny interaction, but somehow magical to find, that she participated in that important event.
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    Mar 16 2011: well if u got nothin to hide then why not ya know? that's how i feel. it'd be cool to be able to find out who that guy was that was looking at you and caught your eye at a concert and you raised ur glass to but never saw again, i mean we would be hella interconnected if it were possible.

    I'll check out foursquare though, I really have only just heard of it~
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    Mar 16 2011: Do you have something like Foursquare ( in mind?

    Of course what you propose would mean that everyone needs to use this program and they need to do so the whole time. It even is an expansion of Foursquare as you mention exact time periods and not just the time of "checking in".

    I find it difficult to believe that most people will be ok with giving away so much private information like who they are to complete strangers nearby.