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Will we be able to use this Quantum Locking and super conductivity idea on mechanical machines?

Starting somewhat small, will it be possible to create frictionless automotive engine parts? Will it be possible for us to replace traditional petroleum based lubricants with a system sharing the same principles as the one in the video?

Will it also be possible to produce magnetic currents under vehicles and have the road be infused with the same material as the super conductor for automobiles to have the same performance as the maglev? This is also assuming that the car's handling problems and cooling are taken care of.

Will we finally see.... a hoverboard?


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  • Jul 3 2012: Possible, yes. Economical, no. If it does occur, the cost will be high for it and the availability to produce it will be low within this generation. The only people who would have access to this would be the upper class and by upper class I mean 1% of the earths population. By the time this becomes economical, I am sure it would be around the time people started making good judgement instead of ignorant judgement.

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