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How can we make a simultaneous brain storming for thousands of participates?

Had anybody heard about a way to do a discussion a lot of participates (parliament with thousands members?

  • Jul 5 2012: Twitter? Facebook? TED?

    Numerous social media outlets to accomplish this.
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    Jul 3 2012: Simultaneous? No way. Real time? Sure! Use the Internet.
  • Jul 3 2012: Make sure all of the participates know how to make good judgement, make sure all the resources for them to use are available to them, and explain the goal of the brain storming well in-depth. Break people into teams of people were each team represents a speaker. Have those speakers present each of their teams conclusions and ideas.
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    Gail .

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    Jul 16 2012: Can't do it at present. The Occupy Movement tried it and failed.

    What you COULD do is have a Learn-In with thousands of members, but that learning has to be verifiably accurate. We are a culture that defines that which is irrational as logical, that which is united as separated, that which is powerful as powerless, that which is ignorance as educated.

    Most of the world today is functionally uneducated - and it was intentionally done to them. We have learned lies and have had important information withheld from our compulsory educations (those who have had them).

    A web site offering the missing information that governments know but refuse to speak of would be a good place to start. A site offering knowledge recently discovered - thanks to the new sciences - that governments don't want you to know about would be a big plus.

    When we are more educated, such a meeting of the minds will be unnecessary, because the conclusions will be so obvious. We have the ability to fix most of the world's problems in very short order, but in order to do that, the current economic model that too many believe in will have to be exposed for what it is - a corruption of the highest degree. It LITERALLY CREATES poverty, hunger, crime/violence, plundering of the earth's resources, ignorance, most illnesses in the western world (because of stress), and many more social ills.

    You can put 10,000 people together who are all diseducated, and you will not get the answers you are looking for. They cannot know what they do not know, and cannot see what they have been taught how to NOT-see.