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What would cause my 2.4Ghz wireless mouse to become erratic when my dog's head is nearby?

I have a black lab who, as long as I can recall, has a head which interrupts 2.4Ghz signals, most notably my wireless mouse. He doesn't need to be between the receiver and transmitter to cause interference. He simply needs to be _near_ either of the two, which rules out line of sight interference.

I thought I was crazy when the thought occurred to me, but i have ruled out every other cause, going so far as to changing rooms and even houses for testing, with the same results every time. If he is within 2-3 feet of either the receiver or the transmitter, inference abound.

It should also be noted, I have a collie mix who does not affect it at all, no matter the distance, only the lab. Unfortunately I don't have another labrador to test for comparison.

How does my lab do it?


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  • Tone F

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    Jul 3 2012: Perhaps it could be your dog's collar belt? Or maybe your dog has had a dental implant? Alien abduction? Have you noticed any differences in your dog lately? Your dog may have been swapped for a robotic replica. If so, it may be possible to switch the bands, though it would require some disassembly,.

    Failing that, are you a 100 percent certain that your mouse isn't real?
    And have you ever considered taking a Voight-Kampff yourself, Mr. Webber?

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