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What would cause my 2.4Ghz wireless mouse to become erratic when my dog's head is nearby?

I have a black lab who, as long as I can recall, has a head which interrupts 2.4Ghz signals, most notably my wireless mouse. He doesn't need to be between the receiver and transmitter to cause interference. He simply needs to be _near_ either of the two, which rules out line of sight interference.

I thought I was crazy when the thought occurred to me, but i have ruled out every other cause, going so far as to changing rooms and even houses for testing, with the same results every time. If he is within 2-3 feet of either the receiver or the transmitter, inference abound.

It should also be noted, I have a collie mix who does not affect it at all, no matter the distance, only the lab. Unfortunately I don't have another labrador to test for comparison.

How does my lab do it?


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  • Tone F

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    Jul 2 2012: It may be that your dog's thought patterns are operating on the same frequency.
    Have you tried switching the bands?
    • Jul 3 2012: I don't think they make anything but a 2.4Ghz mouse, and this mouse doesn't vary within the 2.4Ghz channels.

      In my reading brainwaves operate in the low Hz range, so the likelihood of his brain being the interference is pretty slim (impossible?). It is still a wonder, though. On a practical note, it is quite annoying having my mouse stop working every time my dog wants attention, hah.

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