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Why am I uncomfortable with google search yielding only youtube videos? Used to be all video online, but this recently changed.

I've used google for years, as I'm sure you have as well, to search all sorts of multimedia for research or entertainment. Up until recently when you searched google for video content, it would bring in a diverse assortment of video from any place hosted to the public. But now it just searches youtube for video content. Is there an alternative search for all video now? If not, I'm worried about the diversity of content available to myself and others.

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    Jul 2 2012: It most certainly has to do with the recent acquisition of youtube. I looked into it further, and it's true, I do see some video other than youtube only content. I guess a better question would be: Is it okay for a search engine to only have content specific to what it controls/owns? This seems to be the trend these days. Apple for example.
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      Jul 2 2012: Hello Wesley,

      to the change in question you made, my answer is, that I don't think that it is ok that search engines would miss-use their position to promote its owned content only or even preferably. Yet it lies in the nature of profit-oriented companies to do so.

      What really surprises me though, is, that by all of thoose trackers, tracers, cookies and other information collection tools in the modernized digital world, we hear no loud outcry by the majority of all of us users.

      Your Apple example - for example. What on earth was apple thinking to track down and to feed back the GPS position of all of their customers? And even worse - it did not even leave a scratch on apples reputation. Just this may leads one to the conclution, that 'style' goes for the general right of privacy. This concerns me most, has it come so far already? Just imagine a government would have done that, I assume, I hope, the response would have been furious!!!
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    Jul 2 2012: .
    Maybe this is related to the fact, that google is owning youtube?

    I would try other search engines to regain the variety in choice you are looking for, if the problem remains.

    Also I just tried and I am not sharing your experience. Besides youtube google referrs also to other video sites in my search. Maybe you got some filter-settings wrong?