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Direct democracy Vs Representative democracy. A network to connect and empower America with our US politicians and our elected leadership.

I am developing a social network that could change the way America's political agenda is set. I would like to reset the tone of America by giving all Americans a choice in our futures again. One American network for all Americans. I believe America does not get involved with US politics merely because it’s complicated and we have all lost trust in our representative democracy. America wants a choice in what’s happening to us all, so let’s give it to them by creating a Direct Democracy network where the citizen has the power to make change on all levels. In the network the user will be able to view current bills on the floor at the congressional, senate, and presidential level. The user will have the ability to vote on these bills and view the voting results of all Ameritics users as they move to the respective floors of the house or reps and on the president’s desk. Ameritics users will be able to connect with other users and with their elected leaders; via the congressional district tab (connecting with citizens in your district), Senate state tab (connecting with citizens in your state), and Presidential tab (connecting with citizens in the United States). I believe more brains are better than one which is why I’m introducing a think tank; an area within the site where users join forces to create and share ideas on how to fix problems in their district, state, and country levels. The user will also have access to daily Q&A’s as well as current and trending news, a history of their district and state representatives, and approval ratings based on Ameritics activity. A real-time debt clock can also be found on the network. Ameritics users will be able to integrate their Ameritics activity with their personal social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Together we can empower our citizens. Our futures and our children’s futures depend on it.


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    Jul 18 2012: Your ideas for social networking related to government management would fit well with and benefit Tribunocarcy (please see: www.tribunocracy.org). Specifically, in addition to helping inform the population, social networks could propose referendum and candidates who might become eligible for consideration by Tribunes. Once a Tribunal Convention was convened participation in social networks might help provide questions and comments that received enough public support to be read before the full tribunal convention.

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