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Direct democracy Vs Representative democracy. A network to connect and empower America with our US politicians and our elected leadership.

I am developing a social network that could change the way America's political agenda is set. I would like to reset the tone of America by giving all Americans a choice in our futures again. One American network for all Americans. I believe America does not get involved with US politics merely because it’s complicated and we have all lost trust in our representative democracy. America wants a choice in what’s happening to us all, so let’s give it to them by creating a Direct Democracy network where the citizen has the power to make change on all levels. In the network the user will be able to view current bills on the floor at the congressional, senate, and presidential level. The user will have the ability to vote on these bills and view the voting results of all Ameritics users as they move to the respective floors of the house or reps and on the president’s desk. Ameritics users will be able to connect with other users and with their elected leaders; via the congressional district tab (connecting with citizens in your district), Senate state tab (connecting with citizens in your state), and Presidential tab (connecting with citizens in the United States). I believe more brains are better than one which is why I’m introducing a think tank; an area within the site where users join forces to create and share ideas on how to fix problems in their district, state, and country levels. The user will also have access to daily Q&A’s as well as current and trending news, a history of their district and state representatives, and approval ratings based on Ameritics activity. A real-time debt clock can also be found on the network. Ameritics users will be able to integrate their Ameritics activity with their personal social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Together we can empower our citizens. Our futures and our children’s futures depend on it.


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    Jul 4 2012: Andrew, I like it. Sort of a political arm of TED with a yea or nay counter. How will you ensure one vote per person. I lived in Illinois and remember the old Cook County and Daily machine. LOL

    The people who are involved will remain involved and use this site. My question # 1 is: How will you lite the fires of those who apathy has already claimed. Question #2: Have you talked to any politicians or their chief of staff to find what would make this site a valid sampling instrument that they would use.

    I think this would do good on the national scene (Administration, Senator, and Reps) but find it a bit ambitious to do state and county. Also I review the Congressional Record for fact finding and my state politicians have a web site and I review their records often. Will you be linking any of those sites.

    My number one concern is how to re-engage those who have lost faith in the system.

    All the best. Bob.
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      Jul 9 2012: Robert,

      Thanks for your response; I’m always looking for constructive criticism, question, and concerns to better my Ideas. To answer your first question I believe by giving the average American the choice to vote on the same votes as there Congressman, Senators and then projecting Yea vs. Nays results in an aesthetically pleasing simple graph form in respective Congressional districts and States for the Senate, people will then see that they have a choice instead of giving full rein to those we elect. I believe we need to do more citizens and stop giving so much power to one man or woman. On the other hand the Congressman or Senator should want to see what it is there a district or states are feeling on any given issue that cross their desk. Not everyone can go to town halls but most everyone can log in. You can ask anyone of your officials if they are willing to talk to you what it is they want the most and 99% of the time is your opinion and your vote. If anything I hope for my network to one day put out said “fires” instead of creating more for our elected leaders.
      Question 2: I have not been in contact with any of my representatives only because it’s nearly impossible for me to get a face to face with any of them due to their time restraints and being too busy. I have been flat out told no from my Senator. Now I am a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and have never bashed nor have I done anything to shame my name but that might also be why they won’t see me. I think it lays more along the lines of I didn’t donate or give support to their campaigns.... Honestly If my theory of how this is going to play out they will not have a choice but to use Ameritics as a tool, If not then they will only be hurting themselves and will not be taking their constituents seriously. Our individual opinions, concerns, and one man or woman’s vote has be pushed by the way side for far too long and should be considered on all votes. One thing that has really pushed me to make this
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      Jul 9 2012: dream a reality is in my studies of our history I found that in the very beginning of our countries history we all had a vote on issues and laws that would shape and mold our lives. Somewhere in lost time all of that went away and now we have this system that only functions purely on election cycles. I believe that America wants a change and wants to be heard on an individual bases but we have no outlets to do this. I know you possibly thinking well that’s why we have town halls. Even If one does make it within the time limits and have been given the opportunity to be heard at the town hall the elected official has individual agenda and party agenda to think about when making votes on both Congressional and Senate floors and not majority constituent vote which should be the case seems how that’s what they always say the base every decision after. How can they make said decisions if something like Ameritcs doesn’t exist? We all have gone way to long without having a say into our futures.
      I agree with you that Ameritics would do well on a national base which is my near goal. On the other hand I think in the long scope of things Ameritics would be a great asset to city, and county government. I am a fan of all information that can and will be linked to Ameritcs such as:
      Again Robert Thank you for taking time to comment and know that I am taking you questions away to apply them in my plan to help empower our fellow America citizens once again.
      Andrew Witte

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