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Finding a second planet that can support life will be Good or Bad for the Earth?

There has been billions of dollars being invested in outer space exploration and finding life out of the planet earth. What do you think the impact will be on Earth if we really found another planet were humans can live. What do you think the course of action will be and the upcoming consequences.


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    Jul 3 2012: It is a false argument that emigrating to another world will solve our over-population problems. No species on Earth can avoid the glass ceiling of carrying capacity. Mankind has only done so through industrial agriculture but the energy source we rely upon to maintain such a system has limits. There are also limits on how many people can enter into space every year since frequent rocket launches are likely to degrade the atmosphere, which means there will likely be an annual quota.

    Every one in history who has made predictions of the future later regret doing so but I would hazard to guess that our limit would be between 10,000 to 1,000,000 people per year. Sadly this is well below the annual replacement level. The best way to think of these people is that they are the backup for our human civilization should we fail to manage things here on Earth. However I would predict that it would take at least until 2050, possibly 2100, before these people can truly live independently of Earth, and therefore serve as a genuine backup plan. That's still a long time for our political environment to deteriorate into a global nuclear war.

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