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Everyone who is contemplating having a child or who has children should have mandated parental training for the benefit of a greater society

Life is sacred and precious and too often children are brought into this world without the necessary mental,physical or spiritual preparation for raising a life. To limit children through birth control still does not guarantee that those that have the fortune of life would be well taken care of by their parents. The average and often simple job any where in the world requires rudimentary training but when it comes to raising children we as parents pass on the sometimes dysfunctional habits of our parents. We have seen the devastation and price society pays when children are abuse and neglected. They often grew up and reap havoc and become a menace to society and even the world. We have ignoble historical figures who have left lasting and demeaning impressions on civilization and have a destructive legacy that is often replicated by others who are seeking their own sick sense of fame. Mandated parenting classes through various civic, educational and religious organization should be a prerequisite for having children. Parenting skill is not acquired by osmosis but through a willing intentionality to be commiitted, selfless and present in the lives of children. Having children in our modern day world has calculated risk that they would be subjected to divorce, trauma from parents who are addicts and victims of economic crisis that often precedes divorce. When children are deprived by the state, their parents are then subjected to mandated parenting classes before they can return home. We can be more proactive as a society with mandated training and maybe we will have less children being deprived into the State's system and hopefully have a society with less emotional bruising or trauma. It less about controlling birth and more about preparing for life as a parent.


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  • Jul 16 2012: The sad truth, Bob. Even sadder is that her children may grow up to do the exact same thing.. exponential freeloaders. Scary.

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