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A more efficient email

Why is our email static?

I use gmail, which is essentially a secure website that I can log in to and people can send messages that are then translated into tiny mini pages where the information is presented.

I don't seen any reason why the information in my newsletters has to only be relevant to that particular day, ex. "Today's Top News Story" etc.

In a world with live email vs. static I would only ever need to get one email from anyone...ever. It would then be populated with live content, updated daily or monthly, whatever the case may be. With the social tools we have available to us, we get live updates all the time and they don't come in the form of constant new fragmented email alerts that cause my phone to vibrate in my pocket.

With live content, communication would be greatly streamlined and conversations could be held in a more consistent form. We already do it with chat functions, I purpose we just merge the two and give people the ability to give permission to certain trusted entities.

What do you think?

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    Jul 2 2012: Sorry, this is probably my bad for not explaining my idea better.

    I wasn't really thinking about the how, but more of a 30,000 ft. view of the idea.

    Consider email services like gmail, which are online email boxes that don't use external programs like outlook.

    You wouldn't have to consider spam as an issue because you can choose to turn their permission on or off. For example, I get an email newsletter from FastCompany every morning. So, in one week I get 7 emails from FastCompany. If I could "flip the switch" that gives FastCompany the ability to just constantly update the one email, they would never have to send me another email, simply update the first they sent me which would operate like a constantly updated little mini site inside my email.
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    Jul 2 2012: Hello David,

    so all your Spam will be allowed for automated updates?

    And how do you select your messages, for people, time, topics, etc.?

    If this live content gets changed how will you find out about it if your phone does not indicates it. And if it does, doesn't it then vibrates as often as it did before?

    I am using a private e-mail account combined with a program to operate it. By this I don't see any of the disadvantages you are describing. Did I miss your point?