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What advice would you give a younger you?

Consider, for a second, your life. Consider all of the life lessons you've learned and the experiences you've undergone during your brief existence here. Consider the trials and tribulations you've faced and the lessons you've learned "the hard way." If you could write a letter to you, at any point in your life, and give yourself as much advice as you saw fit, what would you say? Would you remind yourself that life goes on? Would you promise that things always get better no matter how terrible they might seem? Would you take the philosophy of Frank Sinatra and explain to your younger self that "That's Life"? Would you plead with yourself to turn to God sooner? Would you warn yourself to stay away from soda, salt, and red meat?

Of course, this arouses the argument of "I like my life the way it is now, and everything that happened happened for a reason thus I would not change anything." If that is your stance, then I pose another question: What advice would you give to a younger being? Age, culture, ethnic background, and special circumstances are arbitrary, irrelevant, and up to you.

This is your chance, here and now, to give any and all of the advice you've found so essential to happiness and well being, to a youth that might sincerely need it.

P.S. I created a duplicate post of this question to allow those who have not found this page yet to continue to engage in an exercise that leads them to inspire others, motivate themselves, and allow those who really need your advice to easily receive it.

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    Jul 27 2012: I’ll talk to the blossoming young man me.
    Now you are a man. Now you can play according to your own rules.
    When you were a child you understood yourself, the others and the world through the beliefs and behaviors of your parents and significant adults.
    When you were a child, you had the experience of a child, you thought like a child and you understood like a child.
    When you were a child you made most of your belief system.
    My dear intelligent young man! Since the childhood when you made your belief system:
    How many books and articles did you read?
    How many knowledge did you gain through your senses?
    How many persons did you interact with, who had different sets of beliefs than yours?
    How many situations did you go through and how did you experience them according to your beliefs?
    My dear! Do you accept that an intelligent, experienced, skilled, well-educated man like you lives with sets of beliefs made by a cute little child?
    My dear! Examine your beliefs and decide according to all what you gathered through your life tell now, which beliefs you want to keep and which you want to change with other more developed ones.
    My dear! Don’t be afraid to let the dysfunctional beliefs go. Don’t be afraid of losing your identity if you lost some beliefs. You are not your beliefs. You were not born with these beliefs. You already existed before these beliefs and you will still be there after letting them go. You are not your beliefs. You created your beliefs in the past and you may update them now and believe me, even the updated beliefs are not the final versions. In your coming days you’ll know more, experience more and understand more and you will update some beliefs if you saw that a new version would be more functional in the here and now.
    My dear young man! You make your beliefs and your beliefs make your life.

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