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What would you want your last words to be?

If you were to die *knock on wood*, what would you want your last words to be?

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    Jul 30 2012: I love you.
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    Jul 1 2012: It has been a good 150 years as President, TED fellow, Nobel winner, Pultizer winner, Secretary general of the UN, but I am going skydiving this interview will have to wait. Check my chute please.
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    Jul 26 2012: "Rosebud"
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      Jul 27 2012: HAHA! That movie line is random, but one of my teachers told my class it was a sexual reference to a certain ladies private parts....
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    Jul 15 2012: Life was awesome !!! Thank you !! :)
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    Jul 14 2012: One of my teachers" grandparents wrote to his wife on his death bed that 40 (something) years of marriage wasn't enough.

    Sweetest words I've ever heard of!

    I hope I can say something like that to my spouse for my last words. =)
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    Jul 1 2012: Hi Rosa,
    I will be smiling and saying "I love you" to whomever is with me. If no one is physically with me at the time, I will be appreciating the life adventure:>)

    When I was unconscious and the body was close to death after a near fatal head/brain injury and emergency craniotomy, I'm told I was smiling and giving visitors the thumbs up. We live as we die, and die as we live:>)
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    Jul 1 2012: I just want to go out laughing, so the people around me will know I was loved and that they are loved.
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    Jul 31 2012: I'd like my last words to be, "That was good."
    I'd hate for it to be "Oops!"
    If it were to be in a cataclysmic event I'd want to be far enough away to say, "What was that?"
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    Jul 31 2012: My beloved friend and great american poet Harry Smith recently sent me a new poem that his answer to this...


    I'd like to think my last thoughts will be love,
    a celebration of a slight caress,
    a calm exaltation of holding hands,
    Or simply words, the simple words for love.

    Harry Smith..Little Things Presa Press 2009

    Harry was my first and onlylLandlord in NYC in 1967..we lived in the ground floor apartment of his Brooklyn Heights brownstone..what luck eh?

    My own I think might be

    "I had so much fun"
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    Jul 30 2012: I buried all the money just behind the the ...aaargh...
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      Jul 30 2012: That is funny, but would suck for the other person. =P
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        Jul 31 2012: Quite true - its much better to make stupid jokes and say I love u etc long before lying on ones deathbed

        I'd just like to mention that the traditional term for avoiding the evil eye, or bad luck, is "touchwood" - "you better knock, knock, knock on wood, baby, oooh..." comes from a popular song - although I'm sure both expressions are just as effective.
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    Jul 30 2012: amen
  • Jul 12 2012: "It's ok, I've done this before." or "I wonder where the mother bear is..."
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      Jul 13 2012: See, that's why you was told not to touch anything... :o)
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          Jul 13 2012: Writing 'I won't be touching anything anymore...' yet typing another thought below it, is as funny as those 'without words' comments... You are good!

          Afterlife seems to be quite amusing afterall... :o)
  • Jul 5 2012: "it was me..."
  • Jul 3 2012: The secret of life is.. [cough] ..is.. [cough] .. [gurgling sounds] .. [slumps over, dead]
  • Jul 3 2012: I want my last words to be "I bet my life on it"
  • Jul 2 2012: I will always love you honey, thanks for making my life so special.
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    Jul 2 2012: Noooooooo.
  • Jul 2 2012: I LOVE YOU!
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    Jul 2 2012: NASA, you better damn well throw together a warp drive or I'm going to haunt you for eternity!
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    Jul 2 2012: Time corrodes, but I'll soon know whether that applies to consciousness.
  • Jul 1 2012: "Its time to learn the final answer."

    (Interesting that you started your question with "If".)
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    Jul 1 2012: Alright!
  • Jul 1 2012: Thank you Lord God for my life.