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The world no longer needs students.

Yes you heard it right. World is full of students and the world don`t need student any more, it’s a truth, why I am saying this because world is full of students, millions of them, we need "innovators".

Yes, I am right Innovators. Art of Innovation is the key for of the lock which we are neglecting for day one. I am not saying to cut off the traditional ways and terms of Educating, but education should now be given in a new way as lots of time has been wasted making “typical students” not innovators
Have you ever thought why there are Millions of students present in the world but very few innovators (Einstein to Bill Gates), because we don`t teach our young ones to be innovative. The child that enters the school should not be bound. He/She has to have opinions, & not to get through the same process and all the terms of education that his/her grandfather did. Same old books and same old way of learning will only produce students that will study and follow a certain path but not innovators that will invent or at least try to invent something.
There is a huge difference between a student and an innovaotor, a student studies while a innovators Thinks.
Thinking is something we don`t do usually, we talk about it but really don`t go for it .It is same like the idiom
“Common Sense is not very common”
One should be going to the institution to find the innovation within him and how to activate it and be helpful not to get educate or learning the things that are already there.

As human being, we cannot bound the mind of a person, his/her thinking, capabilities and abilities, so the term "student “is way to protective, or should I say bound the mind of one person, which cannot be done
If I may quote the sources here, According to Wikipedia
A student is a learner
An innovator is a person or an organization that is one of the first to do something and often opens up a new area for others and achieves an innovation.
A learner who learns some thing
a Innovator

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    Mar 18 2011: We can see this all over the world "a student studies while a innovators Thinks" and as the time passes the students have less interest in becoming innovators.
    We should have more programs in universities that inspired creativity that makes the students think more and innovate.
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    Mar 17 2011: It seems to me that innovation and education are different subjects that sometimes go hand in hand, but sometimes clash. Have you heard the questions of a child? These questions are the essense of innovation. Einstein said something like ' the difference between a child and an adult is that a child is not afraid to ask questions '.

    Education in The United States is archaic, and rigid. It produces students who know facts, but do not know ideas. Students who can remember but not think. This lack of critical thinking skills is what sifles innovation.