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How are global youth changing our future? Are they Generation We or Me?

I have a draft of a book about how global youth are changing our future, based on almost 3,500 surveys, extensive dialogues, interviews and visits with young people from 66 countries. I find them to be thoughtful, altruistic, creating a new non-hierarchical paradigm, and inclusive. They’re comfortable with women in leadership positions. The main differences between them are not their nationalities but whether they live in an urban or rural area. If you would like to critique and add to chapters, I’m glad to share. The main debate in the US is if youth are narcissistic and apathetically caught up in consumerism or if they are making changes in nontraditional ways, volunteering, and questioning authority. What are your observations about how young people are changing the old ways of doing things? Are you hopeful or worried? Will they be able to turn around failures like the inability of the Rio+20 to make binding agreements to protect the planet? I’d especially like to hear from Millennials; the open-ended book questions are on my Wordpress blog. Thanks, Gayle Kimball


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  • Jul 2 2012: Way behind and way worried! Parents no longer teach and expect their children to respect others, to delay gratification, to put others above themselves and most importantly, do every thing they can to keep their children from suffering. They don't understand that the role of emotional pain is to teach us either about ourselves or others, if we don't go through and face that pain we become emotionally stunted. and inept in relationships. They expect others to be responsible for their happiness and the pressure then destroys the relationship. We no longer expect character, honor and integrity in our children and the "villiage" is no longer allowed to help in raising our children. I work with these people and children every day and if we don't create a large scale change soon we will soon not have any adults, just older children!
    • Jul 2 2012: Could you tell us more about the children you work with? I've seen it suggested that parents are so protective because of events like school shootings and terrorist attacks, plus more children are wanted and planned. Why do you think parents are overly-protective? Just in the US? Thanks, GK

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