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What can we do and what do we do about bullying?

Recently, while playing Red Dead Redemption I noticed another player, LatinLupe752, running in a straight line towards Chuparosa, a dusty settlement in the middle of nowhere.

Obviously a noobie. If you run in a straight line in an open field, you will be shot, in real life and in video games too.

I took my gun and killed him. Bam! 10 seconds later he, or she, respawned and started to run in a straight line again. I shot him again. Bam! He respawned once more; I switched weapons to a shotgun and shot him again, and again, and again. Soon I was "most wanted player" and there was a bounty on my head. I was killed by other players who came for the bounty.

I respawned and looked around for LatinLupe752, and saw him in the distance leaving the area, probably just wanted to play in peace and decided to go somewhere else in the game. I got on my horse, climbed up a hill, took aim with my carcano rifle and shot him in the head from afar. He respawned again and I shot his horse and then I shot him. They never came back.

Why would I, an active collaborating member of Stanford University Peace Innovation Lab, become a bully so vicious to this individual? Why couldn't I just let him play?

I did it because:

- There was a reward for me in doing it: Everytime I killed LatinLupe752 I would receive experience points and increase my reputation. A clean head shot earned me additional points.

- Yes, I was killed twice by other players who came to collect the bounty on my head, but that did not reduce my experience points or my reputation, so I didn´t mind the inconvenience of respawning a few seconds later and continue my behavior going after more points with LatinLupe752's face in them.

More important, it had nothing to do with LatinLupe752, I did not think he or she was weak, weird or different. It wasn't about intolerance and it wasn't personal.

I did it because there was something for me to gain and because the penalties involved were not enough to deter me from it.


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  • Jul 2 2012: Our Dads taught us how to deal with bullies and made sure we didn't become bullies. The solution is finding a way to keep families intact.
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      Jul 2 2012: And what were those teachings?
    • Jul 2 2012: Your father did, but, clearly most peoples parents don't do this anymore. The best way to deal with a bully is to beat the fuck out of them I was taught. There were so many bullies in the school I went to that I always ended up getting into fights a lot and most of the time it wasn't me who started it. I only started about one out of ten fights. At high school there really wasn't bullies except for a group of kids that if one got in a fight they all jumped in instead of having a fair fight. My father never let me get into boxing even though I wanted to. I never got to get into self defense. He kept me out of sports and both my parents didn't even let me be exposed to the outside world. I literally had no way to communicate with other people. You can't rely on parents or family to do this. This statement is an assumption that family members or parents know how to handle them. The law needs to take over this more. People don't truly make their own choices if others still bully and nothing is done to enforce it. The only thing to do is be a bully as it is either not make your own choices and do nothing about the bully or what your family members said that might be invalid, or you can become a bully yourself and make your own choices and influence the choices of others as well. This about sums up reality for you. So what your family members taught you. Not all family members teach things to their children or even let them fit in with anyone while they force feed them preconceived ideas about things that don't even have enough information behind them to state it as a fact. What needs to be done is data needs to be collected on those who get bullied and those who are the bully without their consent. A method of handling this situation without violating peoples free will needs to be implemented. Anyone who violates free will of others deserves to have their free will violated by others as well.This is my view and this is why I believe strongly that you are wrong about it.

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