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How to be successful, Your tips!

There are tons of successful people here in the Ted Community, and I'm always trying to learn from you guys. What does it take to be successful in life and in your career?
Share your tips, advice, whatever you have!

Thank you :) "If you want to succeed as much as you want to breath, then you will be successful."

  • Jul 3 2012: Be grateful for what you have.
    Be grateful for what you get.
    Be grateful for what you give.
    Be grateful for what the world takes from you.
    Be grateful for what the world leaves you with.
    Work for more.
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    Jul 2 2012: It is important to have the word 'success' well figured out. The world is full of sad and lonely people who are thought to be successful. There are also people, even if they are few, who have excellent and visible results in their career and relationships.

    Look around you, at those who have gone ahead of you in this journey of life. Jesus Christ says 'A tree is identified by its fruit'
    So, you can observe and note worthy examples.

    Life is about getting one's priorities right; not about having the fattest bank account, not about being the most respected person in one's career, not about being celebrated by the media or popular culture.

    If you can know yourself, and if you do not belittle the most important things, then you will save yourself from future emptiness, dissappointment and loneliness.

    It is important for you to do what you are passionate about, what you love; hard work is essential, and persistence in the face of adversity is neccessary.
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    Jul 2 2012: Learn from every failure.
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    Jul 2 2012: Seeing how young you are(I'm still only 13), I would recommend to just focus on school now and worry about the future when the need arises. Focusing on school has gotten me nothing but success and it would get you success to.
  • Jul 1 2012: Plan for success, it worked for me.

    It will motiviate you to think and act on that. And this will make you ready and will help you to recognize opportunities which will help you in getting that.
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    Jul 1 2012: First I want to refer Steve Jobs " stay hungry, stay foolish" one of the great mantra for success then one need to be
    people oriented
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      Jul 30 2012: the newest book on Steve Jobs is actually called Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. I am about to read it.
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    Jul 1 2012: Each of the other three mentioned hard work. That is also my number one. The other element is to have a great idea / product. Without the idea / product you will go no where regardless of how hard you work.

    All the best. Bob.
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    Lejan .

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    Jun 30 2012: Hello Fonkou,

    this worked for me so far:

    find out what you really like, in which direction you wish yourself to evolve, be inspired by others, yet not just copy them, learn to fail, accept failure as a necessity of learning, focus on your points and be flexible in getting there, allow changes to happen, be honest with yourself, chase your talents, learn from the most brilliant people you can possibly find (they are not always to be found in schools) and give back what you learned to others, be humble, don't bow, stay fair with people, stay playful and curious, leave what you don't love and hope for some luck along the path.

    Good Luck, as this was just my first year at kindergarten... :o)
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    Jun 30 2012: With the caveat that success means different things to different people, I'd start with integrity, openness to experience, willingness to work hard at something, and a disposition to question and keep learning. A person typically needs judgment as to when to compromise and when not and have ways of communicating that send the message she wants to send to those who need to hear it or can help move good ideas forward.

    That said, many, many people who are all these things don't succeed in being great entrepreneurs, in rising to positions of trust and authority in organizations, or in achieving great social change. And some people who are few of these things do achieve success in some form. I write this because you can't look at those who are influential and powerful and assume they are all these things or look at society's most marginalized and assume they aren't.

    The "good guy" doesn't always do better in these ways than the not-as-good guy. And opportunities are not equal available to all good and wise people.
    There is no algorithm and chance is involved.
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    Jun 30 2012: Integrity, great work-ethic, ardent curiosity, a passion for knowledge and perseverance. Also never lose the imperviousness to hate and ignorance of others.
  • Jul 2 2012: the first thing we have to possess is the "positive attitude"... when you dream of having something of great sort in your life...our thoughts and ideas must be healthy and positive....whatever may be your wish whether a small candy or a great sholar...initialy u strat giving positive energy to your thought...the main and common mistake we do generally is being negative towards having your dream come true...what if you only behave suspiciously of having that wish in your can that great thought come true?? then your thought doesnt possess sufficient energy to become true and ultimately id doesnot always think positive and make your thought or idea more and more energetic have will power :)
  • Jul 2 2012: Learn with abundance and with thoroughness.
    Work hard and always do your best work.
    Be positive. Look for the positive in all situations.
    Notice what people do for you and thank them for it.
    Help other people at all times.
    Keep yourself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.
    Be situationally aware.
    Live below your means.
    Be proactive and think about decision before making them. If the situation precludes preparation, do not panic and just work your way out of adversity by solving one problem at a time.
    Enjoy each day.
    Look for ways to make the lives of others better. This can be as simple as a greeting or compliment.