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Iran Vs United States. Multiple football matches to improve relations between two nations. what can be the outcome ?

I love sports & I was wondering why sports is not being used as a tool to improve relations between two countries that have differences maybe with the help of UN or any mediator.

Like multiple sporting events between.

North Korea/South Korea
North Sudan Vs South Sudan
Iran Vs United States

Thousand of people in the ground & millions watching live. what would be the outcome ? Would it also change the minds of politician ?



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  • Jul 3 2012: Yes, many matches, maybe one each week, with ordinary people playing. No stadiums, just use a local soccer field. Have the players stay in the homes of ordinary people. Get some conversations started, especially about the terrible history between our countries. What the USA did to Iran was criminal, but kidnapping diplomats was too. Its time for apologies to go in both directions. These people can give their stories to the media, or just publish a blog. The last thing this world needs is more nuclear weapons, but if I lived in Iran, surrounded by nuclear powers, having my own nukes would definitely make me feel more secure.

    For a long time now, I have had the horrible feeling that our countries are needlessly heading in the direction of more violence. If the politicians can't get us off that road, maybe the people can.

    I think this idea is worth very serious effort.
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      Jul 5 2012: Thank you Barry for sharing your thoughts here.

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