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Iran Vs United States. Multiple football matches to improve relations between two nations. what can be the outcome ?

I love sports & I was wondering why sports is not being used as a tool to improve relations between two countries that have differences maybe with the help of UN or any mediator.

Like multiple sporting events between.

North Korea/South Korea
North Sudan Vs South Sudan
Iran Vs United States

Thousand of people in the ground & millions watching live. what would be the outcome ? Would it also change the minds of politician ?



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    Jul 3 2012: The president of Iran was invited and did speak at New York University. In the end, a few people felt better about themselves because they had the opportunity to mouth off at him for his comments, but nothing positive came from it that benefitted both countries.

    I won't go into politics but I think it's fair to say that there's not a lot of trust between the two countries. Iran never forgave the USA for reinstalling the Shah despite its revenge in the 1979 hostage crisis, and the USA never forgave Iran for the hostage crisis. It's a comedy of fools.
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      Jul 5 2012: What I,m propsing is not thru mouths of politician but sportsmen ?

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