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Iran Vs United States. Multiple football matches to improve relations between two nations. what can be the outcome ?

I love sports & I was wondering why sports is not being used as a tool to improve relations between two countries that have differences maybe with the help of UN or any mediator.

Like multiple sporting events between.

North Korea/South Korea
North Sudan Vs South Sudan
Iran Vs United States

Thousand of people in the ground & millions watching live. what would be the outcome ? Would it also change the minds of politician ?



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  • Tone F

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    Jun 30 2012: I like this idea. But would it make for an interesting game of football? Perhaps if the stakes were higher, like, whoever wins has to relinquish their nuclear capability, their ancient religions, or their oil reserves -- whatever, it's only deadly radioactive materials, holy texts, and sweet, sweet gooey liquid marine-life death!

    However, things might get more interesting if resources were distributed based on the outcome of a game.
    Perhaps we could settle disputes with a nice friendly match of Call of Duty? There might not then be a need for war. Or at least, the kind that leads to bloodshed.

    The only being capable of judging such a game would have to be unbiased, omniscient, and possibly a member of Mensa. Until such a superhero arrives, we must hope for Apple to deliver a smartphone that will actually lead the human race to wherever it wants to get to in a hurry. Maybe that will be a banana, or an actual Apple. I don't know.

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