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Youtube/ User Generated Content on TV

I was watching a Youtube video the other day. It was a news related video giving an update on a phone. As I was watching I realized that it could be really cool to put youtube videos on TV and stream it 24/7.

The varying types of entertainment content would be vast. There could be a constant poll on a new section of Youtube that users put in votes for videos to appear on TV. Then after being moderated to make sure nothing inappropriate is put up, the videos would be streamed to a dedicated Youtube TV channel.

There could also be certain hours of the day that are dedicated to specific genres like news, music, science, gaming, or just complete randomness of what ever the users vote for. There is a great possibility for a less biased form of media by incorporating Youtube into TV.

This would also drastically increase incentives for creation with people striving to make their videos popular enough to put on TV. This would, in turn, require the quality of these user creations to go up.

This is something I think Google could pull off. The channel would be payed for by advertisements no different than the ads that are already on Youtube.

I believe this would be so cool. Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!


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    Jul 25 2012: Although I like your thought, I don't think it would be practical as you would loose control of what videos to watch and when to start and stop them. That is the great thing about YouTube.

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