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Every one on this planet has a desire to do something in their life. I just wanna khow their views!

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    Jul 29 2012: My desire is to be honest to the world.
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    Jul 1 2012: Well Kshitij go see the kids and grand spend a day visting. Go back to house tell my wife some bs story and leave. Thdy go find a shade tree and write a letter to wife and kids. Telling them I knew and there's nothing anyone could do and did not want to buriened them. With my death until I was. I would die under that tree with nature around me. I believe dieing is my bussiness and mine alone and I don't want my family morning till I'm dead.
    • Jul 2 2012: a very fine thought. i really liked it n i guess it is the best possibl thing one can do!
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        Jul 2 2012: Thank you sir. Your question did make me think for a while .
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    Jul 1 2012: Invent a cure for the disease that I am dying from.

    If this works I will respond again in two weeks.

    All the best. Bob
    • Jul 2 2012: ohhhh great robert!
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      Jul 6 2012: I will be expecting an email BOB! Be well new old friend.
  • Jul 2 2012: Help those dependent on me to be come as independent as possible or find other means to survive.
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      Jul 6 2012: If it were a fete accompli (which in my experience - it never is) I would want to snorkel in a beautifful place with the people I love.
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    Jul 2 2012: I want to see fusion energy(specifically cold fusion) become a standard means of clean, powerful and effective means of electricity to power the countries of the world. I know it's not doing something, but I would sure like to witness it.
    • Jul 2 2012: I ll not say that you will die in a week but i just wish that your dream will come true soon and i will be glad to acompany you sir.
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        Jul 3 2012: It's to bad so many oil companies aren't doing any research on the topic whatsoever. If they had been, we wouldn't have to talk about global warming or the threats of fission nuclear energy.
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    Jun 30 2012: i will just act like me on everyday, as my mentality is always give and always be productive to your family, organization , society and nation, feel the people and share your passion :)
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    Jun 30 2012: I'd gather my loved ones around me and make sure to convey any last messages. There is nothing that feels delayed that I would rush off to do. I might visit my parents at the cemetery to let them know I am coming.
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    Jun 30 2012: I will eat the food which i never tried in my life, pray to God and try to make some people understand that how much i care about them in simple words I will Eat, Pray and Love.
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      Jun 30 2012: I think we should do these even if we had to live for ever.
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        Jun 30 2012: I agree Rafi,
        We can do whatever it is we want to be doing NOW. It seems that the greatest regret some folks have on their death bed, is of things they did not do...things they did not say to people they love. I had a reminder with a near fatal head/brain injury, that life can end at any moment. Whatever you want to it not wait!

        I will tell you a story...
        My sister-in-law was dying of brother was the primary care taker, and I was with them every day, helping to support the process. In the beginning of the dying process, he was crying in one room, telling me how much he cared for her...she was crying in the other room telling me how much she cared for him. I kept saying..."you guys need to talk".

        They lived a happy life together for 30 years, raised two wonderful kids, and I'm sure loved each other very much. They always said and believed that s/he KNEW they loved each other, so they didn't feel like they had to say it all the time. Talking on a deep level was not something they were used to doing.

        FINALLY, with encouragement, my brother started expressing his feelings of love to her. As she was laying on her death bed, she looked up at him with love, and said..."I never knew you loved me so much", at which point, she started expressing her love for him as well. Finally, they openly, honestly expressed their love for each other. They both KNEW they loved each other, and could have been expressing that love verbally for 30 years. They had a fullfilling life together, and it could have been even richer, with the verbal expression of my humble opinion:>)
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          Jun 30 2012: Thank you Colleen for sharing this.
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        Jun 30 2012: Well ,
        If I had only 1 week to live , these are the things I would like to do :

        Try to make sure all my papers and documents are available so that my nominees can claim insurance ;)

        Contribute my savings to help NGOs ... Write a letter to various NGOs (Global and Local) so that they work as one unit and eradicate poverty ,fight corruption and make people educate about how to live a happy life

        Try to post as many comments on TED as possible

        Request the countries that instead of investing too much money on military.. rather use the same funds for building hospitals,home care centres or at least a fraction of funds which would ease the burden of many NGOs

        Take a loan (If I haven't saved enough) to go to world tour or atleast visit the most beautiful places in world and thank all my closest pals,family , people who have been my source of inspiration to say them that my life was worth it only because of them
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        Jul 1 2012: I am agree too
        But Rafi i am a common man and my meaning to say this was that i will not disturb my routine life just because the fear of death like normally people do. I can not change my Govt. and bring peace in my country in seven days so being realistic i said the things which i can do easily so i can die with a smiling face. :)
      • Jul 2 2012: I disagree rafi,
        these arw the things which are only possible in a week so we hav limits to it! but if are alive fr long we can thnk of somthing more bigger n better my friend!
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          Jul 2 2012: You can always disagree. but can you read my comments again I think there might be misunderstanding.