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How can developing countries upgrade social capital??

Developing countries experience rapid economic growth. However, at some point, that growth tend to slow. They face a difficulty in dealing with social capitals such as rule of law, corruption, etc. They prevent those countries from further economic growth. So, please give me better ideas ??


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  • Jul 1 2012: Hi, R H,
    I agree with your opinion saying 'no immediate cure. '
    It is not an easy task. Distrust in a society make many players pay more money and spend more time.
    For example, in the case of rule of law, if The percentage of people who think 'following the rules and laws is not beneficial for them' increase more and more, people in the society spend more money and time to protect their rights. As a result, the whole society spend more texes and make their rules and laws so tight and complicated.
    It also make global companies be reluctant to invest...
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      Jul 1 2012: Yes. Interesting how that works, isn't it? We've replaced outright brutality (in principal) with 'geeky' intellectualism and complication via 'the rule of law', netting the same effects of the former. The Christ is credited with saying : 'The poor will always be with you...'. I'm beginning to think he was right.

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