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How to choose a good partner?

When you enter into the age of 25 or above the pressure from parents starts to get married. One has to choose a good partner for that, i wonder how one do that and live lifelong. Is it the love that makes the partners stay cool or the the circumstance make that.. Anyway i want to get the suggestions from the TED community regarding this question. Which one is better, the loved marriage or the arranged marriage? and which one lasts longer?


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    Jun 30 2012: You don't just "choose" a good partner. You have to wait and see which person is most compatible to your ideologies, past times, interests, and such. A person that you can talk to easily and have the best times doing the simplest things. Otherwise, the relationship will either be a frustrating one or one that will eventually fail. Then, when the two realize that they have love between them, they take the next step. Choosing implies that the other person will comply, most of the times, I'm assuming, it doesn't work out for the best, A person that you respect, have fun with, learn with, has an open-mind and vice-versa would also be qualities to look for. Look for do not choose, because some times surprises can happen with this thing we humans call "love"

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