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What is the biggest fault in today's society? What can we do to fix this fault?

I always ask myself, what is something that I can change today. As a young adult I feel like the I can do anything with the time I have left and I really want to commit my life to making a positive impact on the world. There is so much out there that we could change. What do you think is the most important change that we can start to accomplish today?

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    Jul 29 2012: We buy into the illusion of separateness. Every thing you do and everyone you touch is connected to everything else. You don't have to go "there" or become "such and such" - and you don't have to spend time overcoming alienation because that is a faulty starting assumption. You CAN enjoy those journeys to "there" or to "such and such", but you send out ripples from here at the starting point and from every point along your journey. Let them be caring and constructive.

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