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Exercise farms for generating electricity and reducing the impact of weight-related problems on healthcare.

Would it not be feasible to generate a substantial quantity of stored electricity through co-operative exercise?

Perhaps if people were paid to generate this power, obesity would be less of a problem, and the demand on healthcare would reduce.

Now if this was expanded to a national scheme, with many "farms", and many stations, i.e. exercise bikes. Could we at least offset some of the harm that coal and nuclear power generation does?

According to a certain product, their device can generate approximately 70 watts for a 20 minute workout. Enough, they claim, to power a laptop for an hour.
If a sizeable portion of the population regularly partook of the activity, and the power generated could be efficiently harvested and stored; what's to stop a million or more people from working out for 20 minutes a day, collecting some credit, and generating enough power to keep the city humming for a couple of months?


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    Jul 3 2012: Thanks everyone for your positive feedback.

    I'm glad that you believe it could work.

    What would the next be? Take it to the government? Would they even listen?

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