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If one's mental illness could be cured by a single pill, would you choose to do so?

In the talk by Elyn Saks, Seeing Mental Illness, she mentioned that, if a complete and permanent cure was offered, she would take it.
I found this sentiment highly interesting for many reasons. I am a high-funtioning autistic person with Obsessive Compulsive disorder. My symptoms are not debilitating, but they have had a profound impact on the way I live my life. I'm no stranger to social rejection and high-anxiety.
That being said, if I were offered an complete and permanent cure for my condition... I can say that for my anxiety issues at least, I might be interested. However, despite the focus on a cure for autism in the public sphere, I would approach a cure for my autism with extreme reluctance. For myself, there is to deep a connection between what are considered to be clinical signs of autism and what I would consider to be my personality, my "self."
I suppose that this difference in opinion is related to our own individual experiences with the unique manifestations of our conditions. My own condition occationally strips me of control, but never in so stark a manner as discribed by Saks in her talk.
I would be interested in hearing others views on this topic.


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    Jul 25 2012: NO! i would not take it because before you are not sure that what type of mental disease you are having for eg:- you may be having a simple headache and you are taking a pill to recover your pain, instead you could have used alternatives like drinking lots of water or something else to regain oxygen level in your brain. SO, it's very important to know what kind of mental illness are you having first to start a treatment , instead of that you should not take a pill...And you may also have the side effects of the pill and sometimes, if continued having the pill after sometime your body may stop reacting to the pill itself.....

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