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Is it really possible to eliminate poverty around the world? or is it just an utopia?

I'm from Mexico, and this Sunday Mexicans will elect a new president. Why do I give this explanation? Because the main topic that all the candidates had was the elimination of poverty in our country. But those statements really make me think deeper in the subject, and look back across human kind history, just to find out that poverty is almost inherent to human kind, and across all this years the people have been in this world, there always have been poverty.
Why? simply for the very own nature of the human kind and the relation between each other.
Then I ask myself, how a single person, in this case the president of a nation, can promise millions of persons, that will eradicate such a big problem, that has been with us for thousands of years.
Going in another line, millions of persons across the world are becoming more aware of the world situation about poverty, but it just stay there, very few people do something about it, including myself, I must say. But how can a few persons can make a difference? and going on with that idea, will it be sufficient to really solve the problem? Will it be eradicated for good? or just because our nature it will never be possible?


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  • Jun 29 2012: I personally believe that the elimination of poverty would be spontaneous to a decrease in the populations in LEDC's. Thus , the governments of LEDC's must implement strict regulations to decrease the population growth. A decreasing population size would allow for the living standards in LEDC's such as India to rise, allowing us to tackle poverty. I believe that if we would like to decrease the poverty in the world, a majority of the nation must be willing to cooperation and if not cooperate be forced upon taking protective measures. Without this, I don't believe that we would be able to eliminate poverty.
    Although millions are well aware, I must say that most do not translate this into action. the gap between the rich and the poor continues to augment each day. The financial support from the fortunate is still missing. They are unwilling to compromise upon their own living standards and needs and yet continue to complain about the worsening situation.
    I don't believe that poverty will ever be eradicated for good . Looking at the uprising political situations and the crisis in our world, another war is likely to take place in the future, which would augment the poverty.
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      Jun 29 2012: Hi Anisha, maybe your idea of reducing the population may help, but we have to remember that in the Middle Ages, there were very few people compare to this days, and by then poverty all ready persist in the population. So I don't think the solution for the problem will be the reduction of the population just because.
      And in another hand, you say nations must be coerced to take protective measures, but I have to ask, who you think will be morally perfect to be able to manage the power of obligate an entire nation to do his will?, It is very difficult, and I think it could lead us to a dictatorship, such a great power can not be in the hands of few.
      I also don't think the elimination of the poverty will be seen by this generation, or the following ones in the short term.
      And honestly, I hope we don't see a war in the near future, at least in this part of the continent we haven't have an evidence of such thing.
      I think we must focus on what we can do to attenuate and try to diminished the impact of poverty across the world.
      • Jun 29 2012: Hi Claudia. I do agree with you. Nonetheless, one cannot deny the fact that poverty has been proportional to the rise of population within society. Albeit poverty did exist within the middle ages, the stats were not what they stand as today.the governments today have successfully implemented several laws and thus would hold the capacity to implement a law to decrease the population growth. China;s government was successfully able to decrease its population growth and increase the standards of living without falling into a dictatorship. Unfortunately, the uprising within the Middle East, coupled with the uprising tensions due to the financial crisis have lead to increased levels of instability. Alliance systems do continue to exist, coupled with problems between individual nations. In the past few years, none of the nations have had the opportunity to get rid of the aggression and the problems continue to boil up. Unfortunately , the prelims will explode, lead to war , which would be during our lifecycle.

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