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Can Religion and Science coexist?

Looking for examples and ideas and your opinion.

The Bible includes some principles of fluid dynamics.

"To establish a weight for the wind,
And apportion the waters by measure"



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  • Jun 29 2012: “In so many ways, He has unfolded Himself. So many times, He has expanded His expansion. Forever and ever, He is the One, the One Universal Creator.” (Guru Granth Sahib, p.276)

    This explains the Big Bang Theory, was in the SGGS of Sikhs.
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      Jun 29 2012: Sorry, but I don't see the big bang theory explained here at all Sunny.

      It just says god is the creator and unfolded and expanded himself (I guess god is a he then) and is perhaps eternal. I don't really know what "expanded his expansion" means. Maybe that he made the universe big perhaps in two phases. Maybe he made him self big. More tenuous is perhaps god expanded to fill or be the universe.

      If you didn't know the BBT, this would explain nothing specific about it. How do you get the big bang out of this?

      Seems like cognitive bias. trying to make the two concepts fit. Wishful thinking to take a claim about a creator in an old religious text that mentions expansion and link this to the BBT.

      This is a common problem with religious texts. Vague language, infinite interpretations possible and changing over time as peoples world views change.

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