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Non-American views on American politics

There is a big dichotomy in American politics between domestic and foreign policy. Often most of our elections tend to be about domestic issues. As an American, I find it fascinating to see non-Americans discuss our politics.

In your view, what is America doing right? Is there something we do that you wish your own country would do better?

Likewise, what are we doing wrong? What is something that your country does that America can learn from?

Are there certain countries that do things well that both of our own countries can learn from?

When discussing American politics, is there something about it that connects back to you?


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    Jul 22 2012: I live in the shadow of the United States and as a Canadian I am certain I know far more about your country, your governemnt and your history than you do about mine. On another thread, I delineated to Bob some of the wonderful things your country does well. I really hate that you do not respect your boundaries politically but i usually adore your people. I have often said that "Americans at home are wonderful but tourists eveywhere are often rude.- that includes persons of most countries - even Canada. The United States and the actions of your country have a huge impact on my life. If, for example a law is defeated in the USA it is likely to pass in Canada because people with agendas usually study up on how it was defeated or promoted on your side of the boarder.
    Do you, for example have any idea of how many Canadians died in the Twin Towers? Are you aware that we believe that Alexsander Graham Bell was Canadian or that Basketball was invented by a Canadian. And what is this junk you all appear to believe that we are hiding in your shadow? How did Napolean or Hitler do against Russia? Do you really think we need American early warning or do you need warning from our turf t o protect the USA?
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      Jul 23 2012: Canada's Prime Minister doesn't seem to have a constant media presence here, so it's very easy to lose track of who it is. What news and culture about Canada we get on a regular basis is the NPR show "As It Happens", and the occasional sound bite from the BBC or our media international correspondents. I probably know a lot more about Canada's culture than I do its government.

      I didn't know that our legislative failures are studied in Canada. That sounds like an area where we in turn can learn from you. If you know of any good place to find out more, please let me know.

      Regarding the Twin Towers; we don't really differentiate which nationalities died. It was a community that was attacked. There were people from at least 20 different countries who died there. We generally remember the group as a whole. It makes sense that Canadians would think about how many of their own died there.

      Alexander Graham Bell's was born in Scotland, but lived in the US and Canada. Sounds like we can all claim him in some way! Regarding basketball, all I know is that it was first played in Indiana with real baskets and that there's some connection with Converse sneakers somehow somewhere, but not much more than that.
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        Jul 23 2012: Basketball, invented by a canadian in the US. John Naismith was from Ontario I believe.
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          Jul 23 2012: Right but we believe he invented it in Toronto and then moved to the USA! Thanks Peter and Philip! 2 aware and 3 million to go!
    • Jul 24 2012: I travel a lot through the world due to my job and often see that type of rude behavior from tourists. I'm now in Brazil. I see one north american tourist scream to a restaurant employee because there was no scrambled eggs on the food tray. I gently talk with the employee but in my hart I feel ashamed of that conduct. I'm sure Canada is a great nation because its people. When I visit a country I learn their language, eat their food, hear their music and enjoy sharing.
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        Jul 24 2012: Dear Efrain, no country or nationality has a monopoly on good manners. I find that your approach works best for discovering the very best of a country and a people. We all respond far better to kindness than to cruelty. I feel ashamed of such conduct too, no matter where the person hales from. Brazil is a very exciting nation that I hope to visit one day and I promise to be polite.
        • Jul 24 2012: I'm not good in politics but I remember in the 80's when the Canadian people saves more than 50 US people and help them escape from Iran.

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