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Canada is the best country for women to live

Canada has been rated as the best country for women to live out of the G20 countries. At the bottom of this list is India, beating out even Saudi Arabia where women only gained the right to vote in 2011.

What are your thoughts on this ranking system? Is it a fair comparison?
What does this type of comparison prove?

I'm a Canadian and this result came as a surprise, however I am proud that Canada is at the top of this list.



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    Jun 29 2012: I understand the Globe and Mail published the ranking, but who performed the research and analysis?
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      Jul 3 2012: The poll was conducted by TrustLaw, a news service operated by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, a charity operated by Thomson Reuters.
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        Jul 3 2012: Thank you. I see TrustLaw has a special interest in women's rights. I assume that special interest is in promoting women's rights. I also assume TrustLaw is a Canadian entity. I further assume TrustLaw is capable of authoring an unbiased poll and of compiling and reporting an ethical statement of each and every respondent. Finally, I assume the poll was administered in Canada.
        That all fits together to point toward a reasonable liklihood that this poll has a strong Canadian influence. Brows may furrow at this revelation, but no cries of "Bogus!" should be heard.
        So the reported result indicates there is no better country on Earth for a woman than Canada. That sounds like a rousing endorsement of Canadian policies toward women's rights, but statistics are like bikinis in that what they do not reveal is more important than what they reveal.. What do women in Canada say about this, eh?
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          Jul 10 2012: Great observations Edward. And women in Canada are actually surprised by this find (from the people I've spoken to at least) which indicates how inaccurate this poll is OR that we are living in an age where our freedom is assumed rather than appreciated.
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      Jul 24 2012: Do we need to add that the Globe is one of Canada's premier business newspapers? Is this a little like applying for your company to be one of the best places in the country to work and asking all the employees to help make that happen>
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        Jul 24 2012: It is similar Debra. I think a couple of more degrees of separation between the research investigators and the declared winner would add some credence. It's kind of like me winning my own raffle. Lots of our Arizona women are looking into moving to Canada :--D.
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          Jul 24 2012: Tell them to come and visit me, Edward! Our landscape is beautiful too - if no where near as colourful. (They might have to learn to put 'our' on the ends of all those words like colour, labour, etc.) Spell check can convert to Canadian though!

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