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TED-Ed Workshop (Continued): Please share any additional comments or questions that you did not get a chance to cover during the workshop.

Topics include: 1) What are proposed strategies for TED-Ed to reach and amplify the voices of teachers an/or students? 2) What other supplemental materials can TED-Ed provide on the ed.ted.com platform to make it more useful?


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    Jul 2 2012: Summary of notes made during the session (in a group with Geert Hofman, Madiha Khayat, and Niki Ernst).
    1 - Strategies for TED-Ed to amplify voices of teachers and students
    Encourage collaborations through a forum for educators to share ideas / techniques and for students to give feedback.
    Use TEDx community to distribute lessons and get to a wider community, not just institutes of education.
    Translations need to be spoken - not as subtitles, so attention can be paid to the animations.
    Students can have the task of making animations for their teacher's lessons.

    2 - What other materials can be added?
    A way to create a course of lessons from the existing online lessons (a programme of study)
    - which could emerge from how the videos are used and recommended.
    To have a sequence of lessons recommended (aswell as linked lessons)
    Connect an activity to the lesson ( the 'DO' button) - students report back their findings / results.
    A place for students to ask questions, hypothesise,

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