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What other systems could society use, rather than a Monetary System?

Looking at the world today, everything seems to revolve around the economy. This causes mass amounts of people to be incredibly poor, a lot more so than incredibly rich.
Why CAN'T everyone have the same.
Looking at it the big picture, the Monetary system clearly is'nt working, so what else can we do?


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  • Jul 21 2012: The root of the problem is that in order to run our society we have to exchange goods or services. If you think about it is a simple and primitive rule wich has been in place forever. Unless we replace this rule with a more efficient one than we will have the society that you live in today.

    Can I suggest that we come up with a set of rule where exchanging is not required? For instance a rule could be that in a future world we should all give and get from society.

    Can anyone suggest any more rules?

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