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What other systems could society use, rather than a Monetary System?

Looking at the world today, everything seems to revolve around the economy. This causes mass amounts of people to be incredibly poor, a lot more so than incredibly rich.
Why CAN'T everyone have the same.
Looking at it the big picture, the Monetary system clearly is'nt working, so what else can we do?


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    Jun 28 2012: The alternative would be that you make everything you use every day yourself, that doesn't seem very workable?

    The alternative is to learn to do something or make something that someone will trade for.

    Because of this people in China have learned new skills and have raised the average yearly income from $500 per year to $7500 per year in the last 10 years. I think that is pretty good?

    You see the economy is a huge part of life and it is not going to change. But if you learn the rules it can benefit you.
    • Jun 29 2012: Thats a fair point, but what about people from LEDC's, I dont think the rules apply to them as such.
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        Jun 29 2012: LEDC ?

        It applies to all countries and all individuals.

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