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Is it okay to judge people according to their physical Appearance ?

Many people judge others without knowing anything about them. They only judge them according to their physical Appearance . It's really wrong deed to do so. Let's get to know them in order to know who they are. We can not know anybody till we get to know them. We should interact with them. It's really a huge mistake to juge and gossip about them.
Do we choose to deal with people according to their physical Appearance ?.


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  • Jul 7 2012: The debate around people being judgmental according to appearance is endless. I personally hear it over and over again, and not for vein; it's so clear to everyone that judging others by their appearance is wrong, yet, we keep do that. I'm asking myself why. Physical appearance has a big role in our life, and as much as we should strive to be open to people (in contrast to judgmental towards them), I believe that we have an important role by representing ourselves with dignity. Don't wear rags, walk barefoot and bent and expect people to show respect towards you. Doing so would be ludicrous and even irresponsible. It does not mean that one should follow any temporary change in the general fashion, rather, to show a respectful appearance of him/herself.
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      Jul 8 2012: Thank you Lia.
      We do judge people unconsciously according to their appearance. But we should bare in mind that our judgment might be wrong. I used to judge people unconsciously, but later on I found out that my judgment were wrong. I learned a lot from my experiences at school. Sometimes, I really find it harsh to judge people according to their appearance. I could judge someone and then it turns out that the person whom I judge is really good. Then I might like that person and after that I would make friends with him/her. I agree with you that physical appearance has a big role in our life.
      Thank you Lia for your wonderful comment.
      • Jul 8 2012: You are very welcome, Ghassan.

        I have to share; this topic makes me wonder often too. Few years ago I wrote down "Values which I want to implement in my life" and one of them is not judging people. This is an endless work. The interesting thing is that the more I work on myself not to judge people, the more I realize how judgmental I am. I'm "catching" myself judging people, for good or for bad, even in the most marginal situations of every day life.
        As long as it means that I always have something meaningful to work on, I am welcoming it.

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          Jul 9 2012: we all try to create our own philosophy in life in order to improve ourselves. Let's say that humans are paradoxical and we do things unconsciously even though we try to avoid those things.
          My greetings Lia :)

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