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Is it okay to judge people according to their physical Appearance ?

Many people judge others without knowing anything about them. They only judge them according to their physical Appearance . It's really wrong deed to do so. Let's get to know them in order to know who they are. We can not know anybody till we get to know them. We should interact with them. It's really a huge mistake to juge and gossip about them.
Do we choose to deal with people according to their physical Appearance ?.


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  • MR T

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    Jul 7 2012: I think you can tell a fair bit from a persons physical appearance...

    Their weight tells you how much or little they exercise,
    Their skin can tell you whether they smoke, travel a lot, or use sun-beds, or use fake tan
    Their eyes can tell you whether they are high and from their expression you can tell if they use a lot of hard drugs.
    Their hands can tell you if they work outdoors or if they get into fights.
    Their clothes and hair can tell you about the people they most commonly identify with, or by boldness how confident a person they are.

    The list goes on and on...
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      Jul 8 2012: In that sense you are right.
      But what if you saw a person who looks sad or let's say ugly. You might not talk with him/her. But that person could look the opposite deep inside him/herself. That ugly person may have more beautiful soul and purity. I had a friend who went through tough experiences and he looked sad for a long period of time. They though he does not like to talk to people. Also, they though that he's not a good guy to make friends with. They keep away from him. Is that fair??
      Thank you a lot.
      • MR T

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        Jul 8 2012: If I was looking for a partner I would probably avoid them if they were ugly, if I was looking for a friend then I would not. I believe this may be the problem, as people spend a lot of time looking for relationships. It isn't fair, life isn't but equality is a nice thing to aim for.
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      Jul 12 2012: MR T and Ghassan,
      I agree MR T that we can gain a lot of information by simply looking at a person, and that process does not have to be judgmental....it is simply gathering information. If we are looking for something/someone special, with certain attributes, then we may narrow our search, as you insightfully say MR T.

      Re: Your friend who looked sad and people thought he didn't want to talk...
      We all send out certain messages, with our energy, demeanor, the way we dress, speak, act, and react. At any given time we may draw people to us, or not. When one appears to look sad for a long period of time, it is probably because he IS sad, and continual sadness may not draw people to us. That is often when established friendships can be helpful to us.

      Personally, I like connecting with ALL people, and would not deny myself the opportunity to connect, based on what a person looks like. In fact, I perceive it to be a GREAT opportunity to connect with people who are different, because it offers more of an opportunity to learn something I may not have known prior to the interaction.

      When/if I genuinely feel like connecting, which is most of the time, I make eye contact with people and carry a smile. It seems like an open invitation for people to connect, which has worked well for me throughout my life, in various parts of our world, with many people of very different backgrounds:>)

      I agree Ghassan, that it is not beneficial to judge, and to get to know someone takes the willingness and intent of BOTH people. We cannot get to know someone who honestly does not want to share that part of her/himself with us.

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