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Is it okay to judge people according to their physical Appearance ?

Many people judge others without knowing anything about them. They only judge them according to their physical Appearance . It's really wrong deed to do so. Let's get to know them in order to know who they are. We can not know anybody till we get to know them. We should interact with them. It's really a huge mistake to juge and gossip about them.
Do we choose to deal with people according to their physical Appearance ?.


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  • Jul 3 2012: Its okay to judge people on their physical appearance if they have a choice on what they look like. Everyone has a different preference in what they like in physical appearance. Some people like someone you might thing physically looks ugly. Judge people on physical appearances they choose to have, such as the clothes on their body or how fat they are. Bad clothes means bad taste. Fat means lack of self control to me. If they have poor clothes, big deal, I won't judge them for that. I won't even judge them if they didn't have the money or resources to fix their hair. If they choose to be fat though I will judge them. If they are muscular, this is a plus to me as it signals to me that they want to be influential in some way. This might not be true for everyone, but, the number one thing I judge people by is how they judge me and how much information they get about me or anything before they make a judgement. If someone judges me off little information, then I can expect them to make bad judgement all together. If someone judges me and has a lot of information about me, that person has my respects and I treat them as a fellow intellectual, even if we don't have the same method of interpreting the same information.

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