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Why do 80% of Radio Stations across America have the same music playlist?

Is this really because the "big six" media Corporations in America want to control what Americans see and hear? or is it to push their own products?

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    Jun 29 2012: It's just going to get worse. As Robert says below the playlist is market reliant. These days who listens to the radio? My guess is mostly over forties and their kids. When you turn 12 you get an ipod and a cell phone and never listen to the radio again. TV video shows are the same. They have to play hits that entertain 10 year olds and don't scare their parents or you can't play them on a saturday morning. At least we still have JJJ and Rage. (only Aussies will get that bit)
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    Jun 28 2012: They don't play music, they play adverts. Because of this, they are afraid of somehow offending potential spenders so they play watered down mulch for the masses.

    They also have DJ's which helps to dumb down the population with their idiotic banter and ridiculous promos to drum up 'interest'.

    Go local radio station or the internet. Better yet, listen to your own collection in the privacy of your own head-phones..
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    Jun 29 2012: So true peter, i guess i'm "old" now at my age,LUV RAGE AND ALWAYS WILL, so many nights in my youth coming back home and spinning out to Rage!Cheers 4 your thoughts mate!
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    Jun 29 2012: so true Scott,its sure has changed since i lived there!Did you know Scott that Simon and Garfunkel's Mrs.Robinson has aired 6 million times in America alone!If played consecutively,it would take from start to finish ,32 years!no sh*t!
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    Jun 28 2012: James, In the US this is called a format. The format is determined where the majority of the listening population indicates the listening preference. For example say the format is western. The station will play some new songs and some old songs but it will keep most of the top 20 on the western hits list playing to keep the audience tuned in. The reason is that who ever hold the majority of the listeners in the market area will garner the most advertisements. So quite simply it all boils down to making the buck.

    All the best. Bob.