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Can our T-shirts change the way we look at global issues?


We have been working during 2 years on a special project that we believe can change the way we look at global issues.

We created infographics that demystify global issues so people can understand them & feel emotionally committed to contribute.

Do you think it is a good idea?

Thank you for your feedbacks.

Jean Suhas

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    Jun 28 2012: This looks more like an attempt to sell more T-shirts!
  • Jun 29 2012: I think a issue can be unconsciously made aware to people if they see said problem around more often, i.e on t-shirts.

    But as Rafi said, it all depends on our actions.

    Wearing T-shirts about issues means nothing unless people do something about it or actually have a vested interest in it rather than maybe just wearing the t-shirt because it's a nice t-shirt.
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    Jun 28 2012: This is a good idea but a lot would depend on our actions.